How to install Qualcomm USB Driver

How to install Qualcomm USB Driver

These are the instructions to install Qualcomm USB Driver on Windows Computer (this method can be used on Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10).

Requirements: You need to have the Windows Computer and the Qualcomm USB Driver to follow the below guidelines.

Install Qualcomm USB Drivers in 10 Seconds


  • Download Qualcomm USB drivers installer
  • Windows PC


  1. Unzip the Qualcomm USB Driver zip file then launch Qualcomm_USB_Driver.exe[Image: Hovatek-How-To-Install-Qualcomm-Usb-Driv...s-Pc-1.Jpg]
  2. When prompted to chose between WWAN and ETHERNET, leave the default settings and click Next[Image: Hovatek-How-To-Install-Qualcomm-Usb-Driv...s-Pc-2.Jpg]
  3. Click Next[Image: Hovatek-How-To-Install-Qualcomm-Usb-Driv...s-Pc-3.Jpg]
  4. Tick “I accept the terms in the licence agreement” then click Next[Image: Hovatek-How-To-Install-Qualcomm-Usb-Driv...s-Pc-4.Jpg]
  5. Click Install[Image: Hovatek-How-To-Install-Qualcomm-Usb-Driv...s-Pc-5.Jpg]
  6. Wait while drivers are installed[Image: Hovatek-How-To-Install-Qualcomm-Usb-Driv...s-Pc-6.Jpg]
  7. Click Finish[Image: Hovatek-How-To-Install-Qualcomm-Usb-Driv...s-Pc-7.Jpg]
  8. You might be prompted to restart your PC for changes to take effect. Ensure to save all important stuff before you click Yes[Image: Hovatek-How-To-Install-Qualcomm-Usb-Driv...s-Pc-8.Jpg]
  9. To confirm that drivers have been properly installed, Get the phone into Download Mode > Launch device manager > Connect to PC via USB cord. The phone should be detected as something like Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM15)[Image: Hovatek-How-To-Install-Qualcomm-Usb-Driv...s-Pc-9.Jpg]

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